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Genecov Aesthetics & Wellness in Dallas, TX is pleased to offer nonsurgical photofacials using BBL (Broad Band Light) technology for patients who desire clearer skin. A BBL photofacial is a cosmetic procedure utilizing a Sciton BBL laser specifically designed to help reduce the appearance of birthmarks, rosacea, freckles, liver spots, past sun damage, acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and more. Although this procedure is typically performed on the face, other areas of concern may also respond to treatment with the Sciton laser. Our highly-trained certified laser technician and licensed medical esthetician perform all our photofacial treatments in house at our Dallas, TX location. 

Ideal Candidates

The Forever Young BBL™ facial gradually corrects skin laxity and improves the clarity, tone, and texture of aging skin. Sciton BBL™ technology promotes the production of new collagen fibers to delay the natural aging process and restore the skin to a healthier, more youthful state. This safe and effective treatment can be performed on the face, neck, and/or chest with little to no downtime. A BBL photofacial can treat those areas of your face which may bring you unwanted attention or have lowered your self-confidence. It is also an ideal alternative to invasive plastic surgery for those looking to improve the appearance and quality of their skin. Patients may be an ideal candidate for a BBL photofacial if they are experiencing any of the following conditions:

  • Unhappy with the appearance of freckles, birthmarks, or facial issues that cause distress.
  • Desire a clearer complexion and skin tone with improved texture and increased softness of the skin.
  • Want to reduce or eliminate the signs of rosacea, age spots, or past sun damage.

What To Expect

In preparation for a treatment, tanning beds, self-tanner, spray tans and sun exposure must be avoided 2 prior and 2 weeks after receiving a BBL Photofacial. However, during the consultation, we will review the complete medical history, provide a thorough explanation of each step, and review all post-care to ensure that they are well-informed and comfortable with the entire process. 

Prior to the procedure, patients will be provided with safety goggles to protect their eyes from the laser light. Once the session begins, a gentle laser light will be used to target the desired treatment area. A mild warming sensation may be experienced during this time. However, typically there is little to no discomfort. Since the entire procedure only takes a few short minutes, it can be conveniently performed during a lunch break, which many patients prefer to do since they are able to return to work afterward.

Anticipated Results

A BBL photofacial involves little to no pain, discomfort, or necessary recovery time. However, after the treatment, the patient may experience a sensation similar to having a minor sunburn and the skin may appear pinkish in color.   There may be and increase in darkening of the skin where any sun damage, freckles or hyperpigmentation is.  This is called peppering and is completely normal, any peppering will generally flake off after 14 days.  Any symptoms will fade quickly, revealing the stunning results. Many patients are impressed with how quickly they are able to see a visible difference.

Restore YOur Skin

A BBL photofacial is an ideal alternative to invasive plastic surgery for those looking to improve the appearance and quality of their skin. Call our Dallas, TX office today to schedule your free consultation. During this time, you and our highly-trained staff will be able to discuss your needs, areas of concern, and ideal goals of treatment.

Before and after

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